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Looking up from social media to look at the world.

Social Media and the Real World

When a person is an active social media user, it can be tempting to filter his or her view of the world through the content on social media.

Basing our perceptions on what others like or share can lead to an echo chamber where our view of the real world is slanted toward the same ideas we see online and a rather limited perspective outside our own circles of friends.

Looking outside social media circles keeps us learning and questioning.

Facebook is a silo. Keeping an open web and an open mind is important.

Hence, this blog.

No promises as to frequency and topical consistency of the posts, but you won’t find memes or blindly shared content here.

I will probably show you stuff I have for sale. It’s likely I’ll write about the selling process, and its overlap with social media, as well.

There may be recipes and rivers, too.

Stay tuned.




Crochet goes upscale

Take a look at this trailer film. Watch it once, then come back.

I see it as part of a larger trend in needle arts and other retro skills beung used in bold new ways. No granny squares here.

I’m not affiliated with this project but I wish I were.

Did you do it? Whst did you think?

OK spoiler if you didn’t watch and come back I’m going to tell you why is so mind blowing then you’ll want to look to see if you can spot it.

OK spoiler if you didn’t watch and come back I’m going to tell you why is so mind blowing then you’ll want to look to see if you can spot

If you didn’t notice the movie was made of objects created with knit and crochet.

This project has elevated for shea to the world of art. Not only is it art work to create the models and objects that are used in the short flick, the movie tells a story in a flash of art, fleshed out and with scarred with woolen blood.

Vintage Fashion Guild Member Directory

What I found this site I was immediately intrigued by the data that it contained as well as its focus and timelines. The Vintage Fashion Guild is curating a capsule of fashion for the last couple hundred years or more.

Numerous resources that will be relevant and even essential to resellers in fashion are available from this Guild. You can look up labels and find out when the clothes were sold and made. Among the other info you’ll find include directories of the members and other social media resources related to networking. It looks like there would be numerous benefits to joining the Guild.

Actively working my Poshmark business for the last couple of months had led me to several YouTube channels about reselling and fashion resources like this one, which is invaluable for identifying and dating items, pricing new listings and evaluating potential inventory purchases.

Created a new Flipboard magazine called 01 – Reseller Resources where I’ll curate resources like this and others that will be useful.

Visit my closet to see what’s new!

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Are you on Poshmark? Put your closet name in the comments so we can check it out!

Original Crochet Artist

Buy on Poshmark #susansfh for discount on first order

Tonight I listed my first original bag on Poshmark. Changed my profile to Original Crochet Artist.

I was inspired by Crystal’s live chat on @bagodaycrochet today. Crystal is an inspiration as a crichet artist. She has so much experience with crochet it’s mind boggling.

She is extremely generous with her expertise and yarn and has amassed almost half a million You-Tube subscribers in about five years

Yet, there are trolls who berate her for not wearing her creations or not following established patterns, prefering to design as she goes.

What do you think of that?

Is there a “yarn establishment ” that relies on compensated reviews of set projects using the same yarns (just buy the kit!) to meet its quarterly marketing projections?

How paranoid would a person have to be to believe in something like that?

I like original crochet created from unusual yarn finds that make one of a kind art.

I appreciate Crystal a lot!

#bagodaycrochet #susansfh #crochet #yarn

RIP Ric Ocasek

“Let’s go” was the anthem of my youth. Another great has joined that helluva band.Sharing this double rainbow I shot on Sunday in memory of Ric

In late 70’s Iowa, we often
spent our Fruday nights in cars, listening to The Cars, running on the energy of the tunes and lyrics.

“Let’s go” was the anthem of my youth. Another great has joined that helluva band.

Abusing the powerful 318 Mopar engine in a 1975 Plymouth Valiant racing between the red lights up-and-down the one ways of Davenport*, to hear the opening notes of Let’s Go when the light turned green was the highlight of the evening.RIP Ric*

#ripricocasek #Thecars

(* funny it wrote devil port when I said Davenport — what does Android know? )

Tiny Furball Puff Bags are fun

Meet the Furball Puff mini bag I just created. No pattern, just thought of making a few small bags from a stash of EFF Oslo Italian yarn I acquired recently for a price too low to divulge…It’s fun stuff but not the kind of thing you’re going to make a blanket out of.

Inspired by the small bags I saw on whowhatwear, the bag pictured above emerged.

On Ravelry (SusanSFH), I put it at 99% complete because I still want to sew 9n a button for the buttonhole. I videoed part of the process of creating the front but I’m not sure it’s ready for primetime because the camera angles are really bad and it jumps around alot.

It’s fun and relaxing to follow the yarn to inspiration. (Rather than in many instances following a pattern to frustration.)

Perhaps in the future I will film more of these little adventures where I just start with some yarn and hooks and maybe inspire others to do the same.

Plus, video makes a project much easier to recreate!

Yarn note:
EFF Oslo is a novelty yarn that’s super easy to work with for crochet. It’s from Italy and I like the feel of the material it creates. It’s 42% wool with 8% acrylic and 50% nylon so the yarn looks very scary to work with when you first see it. If you find some of this yarn don’t let it intimidate you, You’ll find that it is very easy to work with.

Purple Felted Bag

Used 1 1/2 skeins of purple and two skeins of brown in the thick Paton’s worsted 100% wool.

Set it up to use an external handle that is clipped onto the grommet holes that I made in the handle.

Trying to avoid having the hardware break during felting as happen to my other bag.

The photo is of the bag as it enters the dryer for the second stage of felting today. Working on a blog post with a video about how I felted it.
Merry Christmas!