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Susan F. Heywood social media real world
Looking up from social media to look at the world.

Social Media and the Real World

When a person is an active social media user, it can be tempting to filter his or her view of the world through the content on social media.

Basing our perceptions on what others like or share can lead to an echo chamber where our view of the real world is slanted toward the same ideas we see online and a rather limited perspective outside our own circles of friends.

Looking outside social media circles keeps us learning and questioning.

Facebook is a silo. Keeping an open web and an open mind is important.

Hence, this blog.

No promises as to frequency and topical consistency of the posts, but you won’t find memes or blindly shared content here.

I will probably show you stuff I have for sale. It’s likely I’ll write about the selling process, and its overlap with social media, as well.

There may be recipes and rivers, too.

Stay tuned.