Having fun with Ravelry

About a year ago, I decided to take up crochet. It turns out, I’m not the only one who has rediscovered needlework as an anecdote to stress. Concentrating on handiwork can help calm nerves and stop racing thoughts. In her 2012 book, Crochet Saved my Life, writer Kathryn Vercillio ( http://crochetsavedmylife.kathrynvercillo.com/ ) credits the craft as an important tool in battling depression.

Therapeutic benefits were not my goal when I began one of my first projects last January. At last year’s SuperBowl party, I started a project using a $1 roll of twine from the Dollar Tree. It turned into a tote bag that was functional , though definitely not elegant. Since then, I have turned out projects sporadically, created a large bag of random pieces of cloth and amassed a huge stash of yarn. And, it turns out, have discovered a hobby that is relaxing and at the same time productive.

As my work has improved, there have been techniques that seemed elusive. I turned to library books and free patterns online which lead me to Ravelry .

This week, I decided to join Ravelry, a social community of knitters, crocheters and other textile enthusiasts. I’ve found it a great resource for patterns, information and inspiration. I found it through Moogly.com, which is hosting a Moogly.com 2018 Crochet a Long (CAL) to create two afghan squares a month (and happens to be based in Bettendorf, go figure!)20180123_174505.jpg Tuesday Shawl by Susan SFH.

So, today I created my first project using the site. The resources I found helped me so much I should have it finished by tomorrow!


Watch “Backyard Rock Hound with Susan F. Heywood” on YouTube

Are you ready to rock?

Well one of my hobbies has always been picking up cool rocks and imagining ways that they look like art. I’m also interested in making jewelry and other artwork with these rocks and thought I’d share a little bit of my selection process with you.

It might be boring or it might be fun either way I had fun making it. If you’d like to see more on rocks, please like, comment or share this post or you could do all 3.
Rock on!